Technology Lead Generation

 ERP Lead Generation and Technology Marketing Services are a complex discipline and require a multi-faceted approach. All the various instruments need to work together in the right sequence and with the correct timings and quantities to best deliver a relevant response and tangible ROI.

So that means managing data segmentation, communications strategy and response management in a way that compels prospects in to a call to action. Using an integrated marketing approach we combine all the facets of the campaign needs from inception to delivery.

Our Services include:

ERP & Technology Demand Generation Services

As an integrated Technology Marketing company we specialise in working with IT companies and are ideally placed to deliver well-qualified sales leads to your sales team including appointments, lead generation, lead nurturing, event marketing(Webinar/Seminar) supported by digital marketing, social selling and hands on account management.

Whether you are a global technology vendor, distributor, systems integrator or value added reseller our technology focused telemarketing team will help you deliver the leads you need to grow your business.

We offer a range of results-driven Integrated Demand Generation services that enable technology partners to increase new business opportunities and secure a higher return on marketing investment.

Typical Campaigns Deliver:

  • Appointments
  • Sales Leads
  • Sales Nurturing
  • Key Account Research
  • Database Gap Gill
  • Webinar and Seminar Attendees

A Unique Software Marketing Solution

Because we are also one of the leading Global Data Providers our integrated Software Lead Generation Services dovetail to bring a unique approach combining quality data and professional software focused direct marketing solutions for our clients.

Global Software Leads

Our integrated and tangible Global Software demand generation campaigns will stimulate your sales pipeline in both new and existing accounts through the integrated use of carefully targeted lists, telemarketing, email marketing and managed reporting.

As a result, your company’s visibility will be increased and at the highest levels and ultimately generate qualified leads for your sales teams which are both measurable and to an agreed standard.

Typical Campaign Methodology & Timeline

This is a typical Campaign workflow but each campaign will vary in some way based upon client requirements including Lead definition and outcome, lead reporting process and CRM needs.

By working with us you are choosing a specialist technology marketing company and move forward with peace of mind, knowing that all these criteria have been fulfilled.

You can take advantage of our extensive experience of technology focused telemarketing services from account based research and intelligent gap fill to high-volume sales lead development and response management.

Our calling teams are comprised exclusively of technology professionals who are trained in solution-selling and typically use a non-scripted approach.

With operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan, we provide global execution in virtually any business language.

Week 1: Agree SLA & Campaign brief & Training

Week 2: List Selection Campaign testing, Refine & Start Calling

Week 3/4: Lead allocations, Pipeline Report, CRM Update & Campaign Stats


Email & Web Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a frustrating and in some cases redundant marketing approach if you don’t have the right tools and delivery mechanism. Our campaigns are designed as stand-alone or integrated marketing approaches that aim to get the best delivery and response rates in the industry.

Did you know 8 out 10 campaigns fail to meet industry deliverability rates from email marketing because the delivery mechanism is flawed? Many email delivery services use blacklisted IP addresses and do not follow simple industry standard protocols.

Let us help you design and deliver successful campaigns by following important rules and see how this can boost your response levels accordingly. Better still integrate your digital marketing strategy with our other lead development services and see the impact we can make on your marketing campaigns.

Wherever possible, we try to exploit your investment in existing content and programs rather than create new assets for the sake of it.

Web Marketing


Getting your message to the right audience is half the trick these days as most of your potential customers will be looking for your products and services on the web before you have even tried to contact them.

We can help in developing and maintaining Global SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation) strategies for your company to ensure you achieve the highest organic page listing on major search engines.

To understand how you can achieve better search engine and social media optimisation strategies talk to one of our experts today.

Channel Marketing

If you sell through a channel we can help you develop a resource focused plan to make your business grow and maximising your return on investment. Our specialist teams have expertise in all aspects of channel development. We can design and drive complete, integrated campaigns, or troubleshoot particular areas of your channel sales and marketing to give you the best return on investment. Working closely with you, we combine your business aims with our knowledge of the market to maximise your return on investment. Taking time to fully understand your products and your business, our long-term, pragmatic view means you can trust us to give you a superior level of service.

So wherever you fit in the Channel schema above we can assist your sales and marketing efforts by delivering new business and customer success.

Technology Profiling – TechProfiles

Global Software Leads profiles over 24,000 technologies and the companies using them. You can keep an eye on competitive installs and use our intelligence to see when contracts are expiring or technology is potentially  being upgraded, giving you time to contact the key decision makers and influencers to build rapport and nurture the relationship potentially earning their business.

If you sell complex solutions into enterprise wide accounts this is a service that will assist your sales process and make marketing positioning more relevant.

Additionally our technology Profiles will uncover the detailed IT Infrastructure including the software applications, hardware platforms, strategic drivers and projects affecting your potential clients purchasing options.

TechProfiles | delivering measurable sales & marketing benefits

  • TechProfiles: provide management with an insight into markets and prospect accounts so they can continually refine sales and marketing strategy
  • TechProfiles:  create and understanding of how key accounts operate at a strategic, departmental and contact level to assist in sales and marketing deployment and approach
  • TechProfiles:  deliver technology deployed and IT infrastructure research to establish an IT and ERP footprint within each account
  • TechProfiles: proactively identifies sales opportunities ain existing and new accounts to inform account managers of sales issues, projects, opportunities and thereby deliver new business opportunities for informed and intelligent sales delivery.

Created as a method of delivering account penetration the TechProfiles account profiling service is designed specifically for sales and marketing teams involved in high value, complex technology sales development.

TechProfiles provides our clients with a highly informed and strategic platform to market, and sell, at the most senior level with the confidence of having a valuable tool to assist sales development  at all levels.

Utilising a unique blend of in-house knowledge with desk, web and telephone research (primary and secondary levels) we deliver a detailed understanding of each organisation’s prospects business, technology deployed and key areas for ERP and technology investment, as well as defining the procurement process and IT strategy.

Key Intelligence

Intelligent account profiling and penetration, as opposed to simple lead generation, delivers a far more sophisticated and in-depth approach to key account sales development. Our approach is defined by our client’s sales research needs and is not limited to new business identification but is bespoke to a particular client need and not off the shelf.

When you need to profile complex prospects or customers at a high level, often dealing with 20-100 accounts per campaign then our TechProfiles are what you need to better resource and equip your enterprise focussed sales teams.