Aventi Group USA

"We have had a good success this year with the North American SAP User List and particularly the emails provided. These have proved extremely beneficial for our webinar series and other e-marketing activities. We would certainly like to go for an upgrade of the SAP Customer List this year."

Bill Reed, General Partner, Aventi Group LLC  

We had purchased the USA SAP User List in 2013 and this worked out great. Now the new 2014 version of the North America SAP User List is even bigger and better and encouraged us to invest in our first stab at the UK SAP Users List which equally delivered good results.

Kevin Dunne, VP of Sales - Symmetry Corp

The SAP Users List for North America has proved a significant success for our webinar and direct marketing efforts and activity. It has also proved very effective in the segmentation of SAP Users by Module and Version. Well done.

Pat Gray |Director Marketing |Enterprise Services | NTT DATA, Inc

Guys a great list of IT Decision Makers in the USA for my new start up. Really good quality and coverage. Looking forward to an update later this year!

Larry Massey, CEO - AEGEUS IT

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server platform marketing programme:

As global technology leaders, Cisco and SAP are uniquely positioned to provide high quality, innovative products to customers. Together, Cisco and SAP offer differentiated, scalable, highly secure end-to-end solutions. With SAP Applications on Cisco UCS, SAP customers can reduce deployment risks, complexity, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server platform, introduced in 2009, provides a new model for data center efficiency and agility. Cisco UCS has been designed with the performance and reliability to power memory-intensive, mission-critical applications, as well as virtualized workloads. With SAP Applications on Cisco UCS, clients can help ensure all of these benefits are delivered to their organization.

Campaign Details

  • Target Audience - SAP Users in USA and Europe
  • Decision Makers - CIO, CTO, IT Director, Applications Directors/Managers, IS Heads, SAP Project Directors/Managers.
  • Project Objective - Identify SAP HANA Leads across enterprise wide SAP ERP Users
  • Methodology - Integrated Marketing campaign including Email Marketing, Telephone Marketing & Intelligence Gathering
  • Output - Detailed company profiles and lead reports which detail the complete overview of the opportunity, infrastructure details and key sponsors/decision makers identified.


Project tested in initial phase of 2-4 weeks and then rolled out over 6 months.

Typical Lead Output: See Sample Report

In Summary Global ERP Leads handled every aspect of the campaign from initial set-up, List Segmentation and Selection, Developing key Messaging and Lead Development project scope and delivery of the campaign with tangible tracking, reporting and Lead Output.


"The campaign produced a large number of project opportunities and leads for the key account sales teams and potentially $Millions of dollars of project expenditure for Cisco."

Rick Speyer

Cisco Global Senior Marketing Manager for SAP Product Solutions & Marketing

"We have been very impressed with the quality of the USA SAP User List and leads you provided for our sales and marketing team and would like to get an upgrade this year on the list."

Kevin Shaw, Sales Director, VerbellaCMG

Global Software Leads have always been a pleasure to deal with, good timely responses to my requests for data – and have always carved the data anyway that I’ve needed it (i.e. sub segmentation) in particular the UK SAP User List.

The data itself is good quality and we’ve just successfully used the SAP (FI only) data we purchased in both an emailing campaign and with a dedicated phone based follow up with their seasoned business development managers.  Contacts are fresh and phone numbers/email addresses are accurate.  As a result we’ve had good new sales opportunities come in – with a return rate many many times of our usual campaigns.

As an aside – the additional notes provided with the data such as SAP products used per customer, turnover,etc have been very useful in further cutting the data to my needs in house.

I’ve used  Global Software Leads on a number of occasions now, and am happy to continue to do so.

Adam Chapman  |  Directorof Marketing & EMEA Marketing Co-ordinator |  ReadSoft UK

I have been using Global Software Leads' SAP User Lists and Oracle User Lists with annual updates for approximately the past three years.  

I have found that the list is good in terms of bounce backs.  My company added our mass email server IP address to our MX record on our DNS, and we optimize our outbound emails for content to avoid getting trapped in firewalls.  We have not implemented email throttling yet, but plan to soon.

With this setup we are getting in excess of 82% delivery rate.  I think adding email throttling will improve delivery rate further. Updating the email list is key because a lot of people are changing jobs and getting down sized in today’s economic environment.

Finally, prior to purchasing their list, I challenged Global Software Leads to send providel the contacts for two existing Cforia customers.  I wanted to verify that I could see names of persons who actually took part in the Cforia buying process and I wanted to verify that they had a breadth of mid level management who my sales people typically work with.  Their list passed this test.

I have given the same challenge to other providers and so far have passed on everyone else.

Hope this helps.

Brad Wentzel | Business DevelopmentDirector | Cforia |

"We have started using the UK SAP User List to great effect. We will next look at acquiring the SAP Europe, USA and Middle East SAP User Lists."

Thanks again,

Ian Sampson

Sales Director

FIS Information Systems UK Limited

We very much welcomed your list of SAP ERP Users and relevant SAP Decision Makers for our sales and marketing efforts. We ran a couple of events and the SAP Customer List has proved a great help.

Mike Miller, CEO - Extrinsic LLC

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