ERP & Technology iProfiles®

 Technology iProfiles

Global Software Leads profiles over 10,000 technologies and the companies using them. You can keep an eye on competitive installs and use our intelligence to see when key projects are identified, contracts are expiring or technology is potentially  being upgraded, giving you time to contact the key decision makers and influencers to build rapport and nurture the relationship potentially earning their business.

If you sell complex solutions into enterprise wide accounts this is a service that will assist your sales process and make marketing positioning more relevant.

Additionally our technology iProfiles will uncover the detailed IT Infrastructure including the software applications, hardware platforms, strategic drivers and projects affecting your potential clients purchasing options.

Technology iProfiles – delivering measurable sales & marketing intelligence on enterprise level accounts for actionable sales delivery and ROI

  • Technology iProfiles: provide management with an insight into markets and prospect accounts so they can continually refine sales and marketing strategy
  • Technology iProfiles:  create an understanding of how key accounts operate at a strategic, departmental and contact level to assist in sales and marketing deployment and approach including decision maker hierarchies and competitive technologies deployed.
  • Technology iProfiles: proactively identifies sales opportunities in existing and new accounts to inform account managers of sales issues, projects, opportunities and thereby deliver new business opportunities for an informed and intelligent sales approach and delivery.
  • Technology iProfiles:  deliver technology deployed infrastructure research to establish an IT and/or ERP footprint within each account.

Created as a method of delivering account penetration the Technology iProfiles profiling service is designed specifically for sales and marketing teams involved in high value, complex technology sales development.

Technology iProfiles provides our clients with a highly informed and strategic platform to market, and sell, at the most senior level with the confidence of having a valuable tool to assist sales development  at all levels.

Utilising a unique blend of in-house knowledge with desk, web and telephone research (primary and secondary levels) we deliver a detailed understanding of each organisation’s prospects business, technology deployed and key areas for ERP and technology investment, as well as defining the procurement process and IT strategy.

Key Intelligence

Intelligent account profiling and penetration, as opposed to simple lead generation, delivers a far more sophisticated and in-depth approach to key account sales development. Our approach is defined by our client’s sales research needs and is not limited to new business identification but is bespoke to the client needs and not off the shelf.

When you need to profile complex prospects or customers at a high level, often dealing with 20-100 accounts per campaign then our Technology iProfiles are what you need to better resource and equip your enterprise focused sales teams.

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