Terms of Business

Terms of Business

1. Global Software Leads:

Global Software Leads deliver Business Information Services (i.e. SAP Customer Lists, Oracle Customer Lists, Technology and Company lists) set forth in any proposed schedule of “Business Information Services”(i.e. by email, letter or fax) to the client, and the parties may mutually agree such additional Business Information Services if so required.

2. Fees:

In consideration for the Business Information Services, the client shall pay fees as set forth in proposed schedule of Business Information and as agreed in writing by the client. The fees shall be payable prior to release of any email data, following receipt of invoice for the Business Information Services from the Company. Data will be released upon payment of the invoice. Any discounted list purchases will not qualify the client for any future support or data replacement (see Point 7) unless otherwise agreed. No refunds will be provided once data has been sent and received by the customer.

3. Ownership & License Rights:

All Confidential Information provided to Company under this Agreement is being provided on a strictly confidential and limited use basis. The Client is permitted to integrate all or any of the Business Information into their Customer Relationship Management Application and once so integrated all intellectual property, title and other ownership rights shall transfer, vest and remain exclusively with the Client and the Company is authorised to transfer, sell or otherwise deal with the Business Information.

4. Misuse of Business Information:

“Global Software Leads claim no responsibility for any data misuse in respect of information or communication sent by the client to any named individual identified in the business information, however the Company warrants that all data has been checked for integrity and accuracy in accordance with the data protection legislation (2003)”.

5. Re-Licensing:

After a period of 12 months from the purchase date of said Business Information Services from the company the client will be allowed to re-purchase a new business list which has been maintained by the company over the prevailing period and this will be based upon an agreed purchase price which will be determined at the time of renewal by the company. If terms are agreed for outright purchase then section 5 does not apply.

6. Compliance:

The Company warrants and undertakes that, in the performance of this agreement and any other contract between the parties; they will comply in all respects with the applicable provisions of any Data Protection laws and regulations and have established procedures to ensure continued compliance with all such legislation.

7. Data Replacement Policy:

The Company warrants and undertakes to replace or re-research any email IDs which are deemed to be incorrect within 45 days of purchase, where there are hard bounce email returns over 10% with a valid email delivery report, and to return this data once validated to the client within an agreed time frame.

8. Website Advertising:

This website does not use unsolicited email to generate traffic and we adhere to all local legal requirements regarding email marketing.

9. Governance:

These Terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of England & Wales.
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