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I have been using Global Software Leads’ SAP User Lists and Oracle User Lists with annual updates for approximately the past three years.  

I have found that the list is good in terms of bounce backs.  My company added our mass email server IP address to our MX record on our DNS, and we optimize our outbound emails for content to avoid getting trapped in firewalls.  We have not implemented email throttling yet, but plan to soon.

With this setup we are getting in excess of 82% delivery rate.  I think adding email throttling will improve delivery rate further. Updating the email list is key because a lot of people are changing jobs and getting down sized in today’s economic environment.

Finally, prior to purchasing their list, I challenged Global Software Leads to send providel the contacts for two existing Cforia customers.  I wanted to verify that I could see names of persons who actually took part in the Cforia buying process and I wanted to verify that they had a breadth of mid level management who my sales people typically work with.  Their list passed this test.

I have given the same challenge to other providers and so far have passed on everyone else.

Hope this helps.

Brad Wentzel | Business DevelopmentDirector | Cforia |

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